Are You Following Google Web stories Guidelines right?

What Is Google Web stories

    Web stories are a brand-new kind of web content, a brand-new style. which enable you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can touch or swipe via Web Stories. Google supports Web Stories, so you could find them throughout Google Search as well as Discover. It’s described by Google as snackable material.

Guidelines by Google to be followed while Publishing Google Web stories

  • Copyrighted content: Google doesn’t permit Internet Stories that infringe any person’s copyright. Internet Stories are implied to reflect original works, Google Doesn’t allow Web Stories that include someone else’s copyrighted work unless you have actually gotten authorization. Google does not presume any kind of commitment or obligation with respect to acquiring rights for your Web Stories to appear across Google. If your Web stories infringe on someone else’s copyright, Google might block them from appearing.
  • Text-heavy Web Stories: Google Does not permit Internet Stories that are message-heavy. Web stories may not be qualified if the majority of pages have greater than 180 words of content. Use of bite-sized video (less than one minute per web page) wherever feasible is urged.      
  • Low-quality assets: Google Does not enable Internet Stories that contain pictures and also video clip properties that are extended or pixelated to the factor that the viewer’s experience is adversely impacted.
  • Lack of narrative: Google Does not permit Web Stories that are missing a binding theme or narrative framework from page to web page.
  • Incomplete stories: Google Does not enable Internet Stories that are insufficient or that need individuals to click web links to various other internet sites or apps to obtain crucial information.
  • Overly commercial: Google Does not allow Internet Stories in which the single goal is to market a solution or an item, and also, particularly if you might directly benefit from individuals consuming your Web stories. Affiliate marketing links are allowable as long as they are limited to a minor part of the Web stories. Display advertisements may be put following the Story Advertisement Standards. Affiliate programs are supported based on Google’s Webmaster Standards.


How long Does Google Web stories Last?

Web Stories that use Google’s services might store your responses so the Story can display how users respond. Your individual response is not associated with your Google Account but is stored for up to one year on Google’s servers

How you can Monetize through Google Web stories?

You can use your Web stories to advertise items via affiliate links. As long as your story is a good story. Google has actually said they are fine with-it using affiliate web links to point to a place to purchase.

Is Google Web stories free?
Newsroom AI allows you to start creating Google Web Stories for free, with a lot of available features

What Is the Recommended Image Size in Google Web stories?

Make sure that the image linked to your <amp-story> poster-portrait-src attribute is at least 640x853px and use an aspect ratio of 3:4

Where Google Stories are shown?

 Web Stories can be found on Google Discover on Android and iOS via the latest Google app in the form of a carousel near the top of the feed. Currently, it is available in the United States, India, and Brazil.

To have a detailed overview of Google guidelines

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